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Japanese Design Theme apply with WordPress

We provide a consistent service to create Multi-Website for around the world. We are located here in Japan, that’s why we are able to suggestion to apply Japanese various and latest design for WordPress. For a customer who use our service, we also provide service translate Japanese and Thai Language as promotion.

Contents – Create Multi-Web – Various Latest Design

Japanese web development designers develops high-performance WordPress themes optimized for Japanese SEO. We have a Japanese optimized wordpress theme which compatible with the latest coding and search engine-friendly structured markup by HTML5 + CSS3, and they were pursued an internal structure that is easily evaluated by search engines thoroughly. Equipped with innovative high-speed display technology and state-of-the-art SEO functions.

Our Partner Web Developer

There is a part of our partner Web Developer’s design of WordPress theme in Japan.


Lightning Fort
Vektor WordPress Solutions

Demo site

Lightning Pale
Vektor WordPress Solutions

Demo site

Lightning Variety
Vektor WordPress Solutions

Demo site

Lightning Charm

Vektor WordPress Solutions

Demo site

Lightning JPNSTYLE
Vektor WordPress Solutions

Demo site


We do customize and translate by using these designs to be multilingual Website for you

Contents – Create Multi-Web – Our Services

We do support the creation of a consistent website from scratch, from domain acquisition to SEO measures and translation.
We take the best SEO measures to increase the client’s website in the market, and give advice on how to operate the website every day to display in the top.
We are also focusing on various options to focus on such results.


Localization Service – Translation for Multi Web

We do translate website language to localization.
And if there is an inquiry from a Japanese or a Thai person, we will translate the inquiry into English for the client.
Similarly, the message from the client is translated into Japanese or Thai and send back to the questioner.

Consultant Service

If you have any problems or don’t understand in Japan, please contact us if you have any questions.
We also accept survey requests and market surveys, so we have a wide range of support.

Various Basic Options

  • Domain acquisition ( and also can be supported)
  • Server selection (Thai server operation is also available)
  • Multi-domain support
  • Subdirectory support
  • Always SSL
  • access analysis
  • SEO measures
  • Listing advertisement
  • Cooperation with SNS such as Facebook
  • Google calendar linkage


Contents – Create Multi-Web – Portfolio

Multilingual job advertisement site


The site operated by the rental server in Thailand and, it has been transferred to the Japanese server

This site is operated in a sub-domain, but sub-directories are also supported as our service.

Price Table

Price Table Creation Website2 Pages5 Pages
Only English Plan19,800 yen25,000 yen
2 Language Plan
(Japanese and English)
50,000 yen75,000 yen
3 Language Plan
(Japanese, English, and Thai)
150,000 yen200,000 yen
More MultilingualDepends on Client's budgets
Monthly Support10,000 yen / month
・ Inquiry translation support in Japanese and Thai.
・ After-support (site update and maintenance)
・ Addition of domain, Server operation agency, etc.

Before Using

※All displayed amounts are tax-excluded.

  • Complete upload to Client’s server is approximately 2 weeks.
  • For customers who use our website creation, translate Japanese and Thai language are included our service.
  • Please understand beforehand that the delivery date may vary depending on the amount of translation and the scale of the website.

Feel free to contact usInfo@multi-web.jpBusiness Hours 9:00 - 21:00/7 days a week