About us

Currently, we are in an era which people easily to travel to each country across national borders, and it is accelerating more and more. I founded a company which named treasure planning LLC., principal location based in Matsudo-shi, Chiba Prefecture in Japan on January 23, 2019 with the thought that I would like to support building a website that specializes in multiple languages, because that it would not be possible to deliver various useful information to people all over the world via a website in only their native language.
Not only those who create new homepages, but also those who have existing homepages, we are helping to multi-language.
In addition to create websites, we also provide advice from a professional point of view, including translation / interpretation services that respond to inquiries in foreign languages ​​from foreign customers, how to operate websites, and SEO measures to display top-level searches.
Please feel free to contact us for multilingual websites.

President YUJI NOSE